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Sunday, February 06, 2011

I wanna post this to you
my babygirl,
Girl, you're everything to me. Dose'nt mean we are girl we are lesbo.
I really don't want to fight with you. This is what happen. Our relaionship all gone. I don't want you to be my enemy. You think i love to fight with you b? Hell no!
We are fight about your ex-boyfriend. I'm so dumb. Contacting silentlly. Wth ~
Now i know who i am. I so stupid doing this. I tell thru here caaaaan? Maybe monday i never meet. I have dance pract. Your ex whispered at my ears, i love you. Inside my heart, i was like wth? Nasib baik dah delete text. Kalau tidak i dah tujok you. But nevermind. You nak percaya ke tak. Tu you pe pasal. You punya bradder kan? Okkkkkkkkkk ~ I nak puas kan haty you. I tak nak layan dia lagi. I ada kawan yang boleh dilayani. :') I nak dia? Sheeesh! Jangan harap i nak. You macam tak kenal i je. Hanya satu i nak. Please! Don't get me wrong. Ni antara i dengan you. Sekarang hal ni dah big. How? I cried about this. Tak sedar diri eh? I tahu. :') I'm getting my new life soon. I irritated? I keep calling and text him? Because i'm damn bored. Haiyaaaaa! I don't even love him. Waste my time man! Let's settle this on Monday. I only want you and me. Under your block bay. Noone else. Please. :( 


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